17 June 2015

Amanda in Brazil: Part III

Sao Luis

The last stop of our trip was Sao Luis. The drive there was filled with a lot of animals about to walk into the road, a lot of motorcyclists who had no need for helmets or lights, and one very unfortunate bat that met our windshield.

Sao Luis is an old colonial city and a UNESCO world heritage site. A lot of its buildings are incredible and it has some top-notch museums, however a lot of the city is also quite run-down and showing its age.

The city is famous for its tiles, which were installed to protect buildings from the heavy tropical rains.

Pope John Paul II and Amanda both stood on this pedestal.

Brazilians LOVE selfies, so here we gave it a shot. We saw more selfie sticks than ever before. Not ironically.

This is our trip. I started off in the lower left corner marker, we met in Brasilia. Then flew to Fortaleza and followed the path up to Sao Luis at the top before coming back to Fortaleza for our flights home.

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