01 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Last night we got back from South Dakota just a few minutes before the ball dropped in Times Square. We had a great time at home and now we're feeling rested and ready to reset for another busy year. But first let's recap the last few hectic months.

Last month I finished my first semester at UNC. I did pretty well on my three courses - Ecology and Evolution, Socio-cultural theory, and Anthropology of Design - and I think I did well on the teaching side as well. Class seems about on the same level as those I took in Wageningen. The biggest struggle is managing time and taking time out to work on my own research and projects. The courses this semester gave me a good foundation of anthropological theory (from both the human evolution side and the social theory side) and some new and very interesting material to work on (from the design class). Teaching was really pretty easy and a very interesting experience.

Now I'm working on making changes to a paper for publication and working on a few grants for research this summer. I'm still planning on conducting research in the Midwest for a couple months and then going to Brazil for three weeks to speak with American farmers there. 

Amanda is staying busy at her job in Cary. After a few months of being the breadwinner I'm once again relegated to a bread eater. 

Our break in South Dakota turned out to be fantastic. Amanda was commissioned to take farm pictures at both farms and we rode horses at another. Definitely a cool experience for a couple East Coast city slickers. We also test drove a couple cars in Sioux Falls and surprise bought a new Prius. The tricky part now is getting it out to North Carolina. Why buy a car in South Dakota? The price difference from South Dakota to North Carolina was about $6000! 


  1. I am getting touch with you on behalf of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) to let you know that this year’s Global Peace Index (GPI) will be launched on June 12th. Having covered the GPI previously, we thought you might be interested in receiving this year’s ranking.

    If you would like to receive more information please contact us at media@economicsandpeace.org



  2. Happy New Year? Tomorrow is MAY!!!--Mom O

  3. Okay, good point. We'll post soon...