30 October 2011

Life Lately

A couple of weeks ago we posted pictures of our new apartment.  This pictures weren't very accurate.  Our apartment in fact usually looks like this because we are never home:

We really didn't have very high expectations of what life would be like in NC.  People talked about how wonderful the weather is and how great the community is in Chapel Hill but we never expected to like NC as much as we do.  In fact we LOVE it.  A few months ago we were discussing how great it would be if we could combine the small town, close knit community feel and and  of Wageningen and  the cultural environment of Boston.  If that were possible you'd probably end up with something close to Chapel Hill or Carrboro - where we actually live.  No matter what night it is there is a concert somewhere in town.  There are at least five Indian restaurants, a great local food co-op, public transit and hiking/biking tails among many other things that make us love this area.  We've had many moments where we've asked ourselves if we were still in NC.  For example we stumbled upon a weekly music festival in a town of about 200 people where they had converted an old mill into a theater/music venue: 

Really!  A town of less than 200 people has a weekly, free concert and people come from all over to spend the day outside (or inside if its raining).  The sense of community is wonderful and its really changed our view of living in a small town.

We also spend a LOT of time outside.  There are so many great hiking trails within a couple of miles of our apartment and the weather has been fantastic.  This weekend we checked out the NC Botanical Garden and the surrounding trails. It was a peaceful little hike and at one point we were about 20 feet away from a deer running through the trees. 


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