22 October 2011

The Blue Ridge Parkway and a glimpse of Asheville

The first school break came at the perfect time to take a little day trip into the mountains and drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We drove over towards Boone, NC and took the Parkway south until Asheville were we spent the night before heading back.  
The Parkway was built during the Great Depression as part of the rural revival program.  Along with the building the highway, the New Deal also included funding to start programs aimed at keeping mountain craft traditions alive such as weaving, woodworking, and pottery. There are many small mountain towns and historic buildings to visit along the Parkway and many sell traditional crafts.
Just last Monday temperatures were in the 80s, but Thursday brought in a cold front and temperatures dropped into the 50s.


Asheville is a gorgeous town set just inside the Appalachian Mountains.  The town is known for its food, bluegrass music and artistic scene along with being the home to the Biltmore Estate.  Since we were only in town for a few hours we focused on food and music.   We saw the weekly  Bluegrass jam at Jack in the Wood....
and ate some chocolate.


  1. A seminary classmate of mine is from Ashville and says that they have a really good brewery called Highland. That's where I would have spent my few hours.


  2. There are so many awesome breweries out here. You'd love it Dan. Next time we'll stop by Highland.

    Good music, good beer, good food, good friends, we're really enjoying NC!