08 July 2011

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

A few weeks ago the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup and the city was kind of excited, though not as much as the Canuck fans in Vancouver. I've heard several people say that winning the Stanley Cup was 'a riot.' However, even with George Washington wearing black and yellow, Amanda and I were kind of removed from the whole thing. We don't really feel like Bostonians and we don't really care about hockey (although we had a good time analyzing the rituals of the Boston University, Northeastern hockey game). So, partially to get out of town for a bit and partially to escape the madness of the Stanley Cup Parade, we left for a daytrip to Providence.

Interestingly, we got to Providence and were greeted by crowds of...let's say ambiguously-dressed...men and women. Wondering what had happened to the dreary, quiet Providence we had seen before, we eventually realized that it was Gay Fest in Providence that day. So we had a good time in Providence, but we hardly escaped the crowds. In fact, it was a super cheerful mood that day and it was interesting how much that changed our perception of Providence. The previous time it had been cold and quiet and this time seemed much more lively and much more like a real, livable city.

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