07 July 2011

Fourth of July Weekend in Boston

We had a great Fourth of July weekend in Boston this week, we found our way to Ipswich where we spent the day at the beach, saw fireworks and a huge mass of people in Boston and Amanda cut my hair. She did such a great job that I think I'm going to repay the favor by cutting hers. 

On Sunday we headed north on the commuter rail to Ipswich, MA. It's a beautiful beach and very quiet once you get past the first few hundred feet of the entrance. It was a great day and we expect to go back soon.

For the Fourth we walked over to the Cambridge side of the Charles River to watch the show. We showed up early to get a great seat, but we ended up surrounded by late-combers anyways. The show was nice, but I think we agreed that we needn't have shown up so early. We also thought the 200 Anniversary Celebration at Omaha was better. You can also see my new hair cut that Amanda gave me in these pictures. Anyone need a haircut when we come home next week? Not cheap, but it's totally worth it.

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