29 May 2011

Spring update

In celebration of my upcoming graduation, I've gotten myself a little present:

I've wanted this camera for months and finally its mine! I'm not quite sure what all it does yet but prepare yourselves for some pretty fantastic pictures that are sure to come.  

Last Wednesday we went to a Boston Pops concert.  We bought student passes for last season's Boston Symphony performances which now get us into the Boston Pops.  We really didn't know what to expect and we quite shocked when we walked in and all of the seats had been removed and replaces with metal folding chairs and small tables.  I think its supposed to be a more relaxed atmosphere but it was rather claustrophobic and the chairs we tiny.

(Click the picture to enlarge)

Other than that we've been enjoying the sunshine we finally have after two straight weeks of rain.  We're only a fifteen minute walk from the Charles River which has a nice bike path and picnic areas around it.

We've only got 11 weeks until we move to Chapel Hill so we're going to celebrate by posting one thing a week that we'll miss about Boston (or try to at least).  One thing we'll miss is the park that just across the street from our apartment.  Its not a very big park but there are still places in it that you can go to feel like you're outside of the city.  There's a nasty gaggle of geese that think they run the place and definitely some questionable activities going on after the sun sets but in general its a pretty nice place. 

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