17 May 2011

Andean Information Network memo on quinoa

Related to a post from a few weeks ago on the media coverage of the impacts of quinoa commercialization on quinoa farmers (Is quinoa commercialization hurting Bolivian farmers?), the Andean Information Network has just published a memo on the nuances of these impacts and debunking some of the more outlandish claims about quinoa. See the excerpt below, and I absolutely encourage you to click on the link to read the entire piece.

Bolivian Quinoa Questions: Production and Food Security
In January and March 2011, several English-language press outlets ran stories on quinoa production in Bolivia. National Public Radio and the Associated Press reported on quinoa as a development project, hailing its benefits to farmers in the altiplano region of Bolivia.  The New York Times article focused on quinoa’s rising popularity abroad making it less affordable for low income Bolivians. Both AP’s “Quinoa’s Popularity a Boon to Bolivians,”[i]and the Times’ “Quinoa’s Global Success Creates Quandary at Home” highlight the complex relationship between food security and economic development in Bolivia, although with differing perspectives.

Click on the title to read the rest of the piece. 

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