14 March 2011

Pubs and Presents

Okay, so life here in Boston isn't quite as interesting as the title would suggest, but would you be reading this if it was called "publications and presentations"? I didn't think so.

As my fellowship at Root Cause moves along, I'm continuously working on two publications.  I submitted the first at the end of December to an agricultural anthropology journal and that paper is more or less a summary of the findings of my thesis - quinoa farmers manage and interpret the global economy to project their own interests and values onto it, rather than being subjected to it.  Cooperatives are important, but intermediaries also have an important role in the local economy.  In the end, individuals not only have an impact on the market, they manage it.  The second paper is based on my presentation at the Market as Commons workshop in August and discusses how local actors defend their interests and how commodities are in fact embedded with value and work can provide symbolic value, not just economic gain.  The first paper is up for review still and the second has only just been submitted - the second paper is all but guaranteed to be published and the second is probably 50/50.  Adding onto that, I'll be flying out to Seattle at the end of the month to present the impact of quinoa farmers and intermediaries on food sovereignty in Bolivia at the conference for the Society for Applied Anthropology.

The last of my applications has been reviewed and the final count is 2 acceptances and 3 rejections, the only truly important decision is that of UNC, where I will be starting school in the Fall.

Amanda is still super busy and I think looking forward to being done with school.  She'll have one class left after this semester and will be done in August.

That's about all the news from here, not much going on, but a lot of things in the works.


  1. On principle I am not reading any further than the first paragraph. You cannot fool me into thinking that you are going to talk about Boston pubs, then do the ol' switcharoo and talk about publications. You sir are a jerk!


  2. Andy, Why does Seattle get all the good conferences. Minneapolis never gets anything like the conference for the Society for Applied Anthropology? As you can probably see by the 5 visits I made to your site today, I'm a little bored. What's new? When are you heading to NC?

  3. Sorry Dan, will you forgive me if we post on the Boston beer and bacon festival?

    Not much news James, sorry. So, we posted on our latest heartache and I'll post on Seattle and onward plans after I get back.