19 February 2011

Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Charlotte

Last weekend we had a great chance to see the three Cs in Carolina, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro and we're both really excited to move down in six months.  We flew in Friday night and back out Sunday morning so we didn't have much time to hang out, but we had a good time anyways.  Marlene and John were kind enough to lodge us and even borrowed us a car for Saturday, which we later returned unscratched.  

We were able to meet my supervisor at his beautiful house in Chapel Hill and see a lot of Chapel Hill and Carrboro. The campus is gorgeous and both Chapel Hill and Carrboro seemed like a great mix of the things we loved in Brookings, Boston, and Wageningen.  To top it off, it was nearly 60 degrees!  

I'm so thrilled to be going down to UNC to study, I can't imagine a better opportunity, I'll post a little more info on the position, my plans, and the process of getting the offer later today or tomorrow.

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