25 January 2011

Go Tar Heels!

After a few days of thinking and searching for apartments, Amanda and I are about 99% sure that UNC is the place to go.  Personally, my passion is with anthropological research and writing, which this degree will certainly allow me to do.  I think the job market isn't such an issue either, I'm flexible in working in academia or working with NGOs and I also have pretty extensive connections in Europe which opens that working market to me.

The offer is almost impossible to turn down, UNC is one of the best-regarded public schools in the country and has the most interesting anthropology department in my opinion, plus the research there is quite similar to that of Wageningen in that the researchers are keen to provide useful information to social movements and economic movements in the Global South.

The decision was made pretty solid when I got a sign at work, someone had brought 'tar heel cookies' and left them in the kitchen, and nobody brought Peace Corps cookies.   So it looks like I'll be teaching anthropology for the next couple years while taking my own courses before going back to Bolivia to finish my research there.

If anybody wants to see Boston, they'll have to come out before August!  I'll be on a Amtrak sometime in early August and Amanda will come down probably a week or two later.

Thanks for all of the advice and support!


  1. Why can't I see Boston after August? You realize that Boston will still be there and people can still visit Boston even after you and Amanda leave. Sure, it would be nice to see you both while I was in Boston, but I can actually still see Boston.

    I'm really proud of you Andy. You are doing some pretty amazing stuff. I'm impressed and amazed at your deep concern and compassion for your fellow human around the globe. Getting your PhD now and possibly doing Peace Corps I think is a great choice. I joked to Sarah that I should go on for a PhD after a few years in the parish and I got a death stare. It guess I won't be doing that. Keep up the good work little brother.


  2. I guess you could come to Boston after we leave, but what's the point? I read a Boston guidebook the other day and there were two sections: Andrew and Amanda.

    That means a lot Dan, thanks. We're both really excited to go and a bit shocked that I got the offer.

    I would say the same to you about your concern for fellow human beings, we're just going about it from different directions. My direction, however, is pretty self-serving. I can't say that traveling abroad is much of a sacrifice...