07 December 2010


I'm doing some writing at the Boston Public Library and grabbed some guide books for West African countries, I was pleasantly surprised to see Timbuktu on a map of Mali, one of the countries that we could be invited to.  I'm often annoyed at people who travel for the sake of traveling, the same people who name statistics of how many countries they've been to or how many miles they've been to without saying anything of the friends they'd made or the experiences they'd had, but I have to say that if there is anywhere worth going to for the sake of saying I've been there it would be Timbuktu. So, here's to Mali and Timbuktu and to the possibility of renaming our blog "Anarchy and Archiving in Timbuktu."

In other news, I've finished the last of my PhD applications.  This is significant because I've spent a lot of the last four months applying to jobs, Peace Corps, and PhD positions and now I'm finally ready to see the results.  I (we) have a nomination to PC, a fellowship beginning in January, and who knows what offers for PhD.

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