28 December 2010

"Blizzard of 2010" or so its been called in the news

This was Boston when we left:

...and this is what we came home to:

Sunday morning we were cursing ourselves for booking the 6am flight home, however when we realized we were the last flight from Chicago to Boston and everything else had been cancelled we were extremely happy to have gotten up at 3:30am.  We ended up getting around 18.5 inches total and had to deal with 45 mph wind but really it wasn't so bad.  We warmed up with some pea soup and got all of our unpacking done while watching movies all night.  

We're extremely grateful to have been able go home and spend a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  We filled our days with food, Scrabble and games of pool (just so you know Andrew is the reigning Christmas Billiards Champion) and had a wonderful time catching up with everybody back home.  We were finally able to meet a new niece and see Andrew's parent's wonderful new home.  We also got news yesterday that we have a fourth niece -congrats to Andrew's brother and sister-in-law! Of course, the week went by extremely quickly and we are already looking forward to our next visit home. We hope everybody had an equally wonderful holiday and best wishes for the new year!

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