11 November 2010

Recent trips

We recently went to NYC to see one of Andrew's friends from the Netherlands and Bolivia before he ran in the marathon.  Its only about 4hrs to NYC and its pretty cheap so we should probably go again sometime as we still haven't seen the Statue of Liberty or some of the other major museums.  The above pictures are from Times Square or near it.

Central Park
We also went to Salem, MA in October.  It was a full week before Halloween but things were already in full swing.  There was also a psychic fair going on but we decided to pass.  


  1. Love your blog. I NEED to call you back (I haven't even listened to the voicemail yet, I just got a new phone today since my other one was basically dead!) Can I come visit, please?! :)

  2. YES!! I love visitors. It would be so much fun. You'd better come soon though because we probably won't be here after July.