15 November 2010

New blog

I've started a new blog as space to air out some anthropological theories and my perspective on them.  I'm still finding out for myself what I will write on the new blog, but I've started writing in case you're interested.  It's geared towards anthropologists and development workers so it may not be that interesting to read for people outside of these occupations.  This is kind of the reason that I started a new blog, to avoid bogging down this one with boring stuff.

We'll keep posting on this blog (On Anarchy and Archiving), but this will continue to focus on just us.

The new blog is here: http://andresdelipez.wordpress.com/

Cheerio, Andrew


  1. Anthropology is *anything* but boring :P I look forward to reading your new blog and hearing your perspective on different theories!

  2. Thanks mate! I'll do my best to keep both blogs going and I'm glad you're interested.

    Thanks for reading, Andrew