05 October 2010

Future conferences and current apps.

Fall has arrived in Boston and we've had a little bit of cold and rainy mixed with a little bit of cool and sunny.  After a summer of muggy heat Amanda's happy and I'm used to this after living in Holland for a month so we're happy.

I'm still unemployed but working on finding work and there are two good leads that I should have news on within a week or two.  In the meantime I've kind of finished the college applications, they are all online and I just need to have transcripts sent, take my GRE, and write letters of interest.  All of the professors who I've contacted have responded postively with varrying degrees of enthusiasm.  I never would have thought I'd be applying to doctorate programs when I entered university and I doubt I even knew what anthropology was, but now I'm excited to get apps done and find out where my future is. I"m hopeful that at least one of the schools will break down and invite me over.

I've been invited to another conference, this one with the Society for Applied Anthropology meeting in Seattle, WA.  I'll be presenting my thesis, but which aspect kind of depends on what the session organizer wants me to present.  I have 20 minutes which is a bit tight. I went over my 20 minutes in North Carolina and went over my 45 minutes in Wageningen so I'm expecting to go over again.  Now that I'm finished (nearly) with apps I'll start working on publishing something from my research and I expect to be done with that before January.  Hopefully earlier, it's just 15 pages.

Amanda is working like crazy and taking classes, she's basically supporting the both of us AND taking a full courseload at graduate school.  If you have time, I would appreciate if you'd send her an email explaining that I'm worth her investment.  If I get a job soon maybe she can take a little time off. Either way she doesn't complain about working/studying and is pretty wonderful.

Okay, she made me write that or else I'd have to pay rent this month.

We're doing well and enjoying our time together. It's nice to be living under the same roof.  More news to come as the news comes in. On Anarchy and Archiving - your source for Amanda and Andrew related news!

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