16 September 2010

Our Week in Amsterdam Draws to a Close

Andrew's Mom reporting again from Amsterdam. We have been here almost a week now and the only casualty seems to be my heels which are causing me endless pain. But my trio of travelling companions are slowing their pace to let me keep up at times and listening to my whines without derogatory comments, so we continue on. On Wednesday, we walked endlessly in the rain--my water-repelling coat was soaked through to my skin. We ended up walking forever in the wrong direction while looking for a certain restaurant, only to finally give up and eat at another. Then, en route to our next museum, we saw the original restaurant a half block from where we had exited the tram. However, the end result was just as well, since all that walking and the museum visit resulted in my having an episode of dangerously low blood sugar, precipitating a stop at the restaurant we originally planned to visit for a dessert. Ahhhh...... heaven!  We never would have HAD dessert had we eaten there in the first place!

Yesterday, we made several visits culminating in a visit to the "Brown Cafe"--so named in honor of the dingy walls created by years of serving from the quaint bars and booths. Amanda's ravings about their apple tart had us all eager with anticipation for the stop, and we were not disappointed. The look on Amanda's face when her plate of tart appeared before her was PRICELESS!

We have tried to visit the Palace 3 times now, but, in spite of the large letters on the fence surrounding the scaffolding that wraps so many renovation projects in this city saying "THE PALACE IS NOW OPEN", it has always been closed. A tour guide on the walking tour we took this morning thought that one of the royal family must be visiting the city, thus making the palace off limits to tours.

Bernie has used a 1970's vintage Cadillac parked along one of of the canals near our houseboat as his landmark when returning home on the tram. Today it had moved, so we were lost for a moment, but found it moved to a spot along the walk to the houseboat.

My children have long called me the "grammar police" due to my vehement discussions of inappropriately used apostrophes to denote the plural. I really had a fit when we spotted a cart labelled "Hot Dog's" in Dam Square!  I'm sure the Dutch were wondering what was up with the crazy American woman fussing about "Just exactly WHAT POSSESSION of the hot dog are they talking about? Ahhh, well, I'll be back in Vermillion protesting the local merchants' public grammatical errors soon.

Tomorrow we will take the train to Leiden for lunch with one of Andrew's friends and then on to Delft.

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