26 September 2010

The European gradation tour comes to an end

We're all back from the Netherlands and I think the whole trip went really well.  We all had fun and saw a lot of new things and a few old things with a new perspective.

The canal boat in Utrecht was really fun.  We saw the city from  a different level and got off our feet for a few hours.
Leiden is a nice little town with some picturesque Dutch scenes.
The apartment in Utrecht felt like home, maybe even a little more like home than our small Boston apartment .

We're waiting outside Koekoek Pannekoek for pancakes which we never were able to eat. 
We're taking a short break after eating at a very cool lunch cafe in Utrecht.
Mom and Dad on a stroll through Utrecht.  And I thought Paris was the city of lovers..
Utrecht City Museum featured a very weird and very realistic dead woman in the locker storage room.   Why is it there? What is it's significance? No idea.
We visited the open air museum in Arnhem and saw some old farmhouses and windmills.
I signed my diploma to make it official.
With a degree in hand, we're all smiles.
Finally, here I am with a good friend and good supervisor (one of my two great supervisors).

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