01 January 2009

Roma - Day 5

Happy New Year!

Our pizzas

This is a very famous sculpture depicting the story of the founding of Rome. The story says that Romulus and Remus were abandoned by their parents, the priestess Rhea Silvia and Mars the god of war, but were raised from birth by a wolf. Romulus proceeded to found Rome after killing Remus over the naming rights and went on to abduct women from neighboring regions to build up the town's population and he later founded the legions and the senate. What else can you expect from the son of the god of war?

Amanda and a giant finger pointing, but to what?

A nice view from a church near Capitoline Hill

Us atop the Spanish Steps

As so subtley refered to in the last post, we were quickly getting fed up with our hostel, so on the morning of the 26th we booked another nearby hostel and switched hostels that day. We like our new hostel (Friends Hostel) a lot better and would recomend it to anybody traveling to Rome.

After sorting everything out and having our cup of coffee we returned to the Spanish Steps (yes, again) to see the church atop the stairs. It looked amazing, just as every church in Rome does. It's really incredible to just walk around aimlessly and find massive, beautiful churches throughout the town. We also had a nice view of the city from the top of the stairs and spent quite a bit of time taking it in.

After a gelato (we enjoyed our frequent esspreso/gelato breaks) we found our way to Capitoline Hill, with several museums and an amazing, Michaelangelo designed piazza. The museum has a massive collection of Roman art, quite a lot of Greek pottery, and several classical paintings. It's quite a treasure and we spent a good portion of our afternoon there.

We then returned to our nice clean hostel for a bit before walking to Trastevere, a nice little neighborhood on the West bank of the Tiber. We walked around a bit before finding a really nice restaurant where we each ordered pizzas Andrew had spicy sausage and Amanda had mushrooms, egg, brocoli, and spinach (really a lot better than it might sound). We savoured our dinner, walked through a few more churches and headed home for the night.

Last night we spent New Year's Eve at Amanda's apartment. It was a pretty wild night. We had real champagne for the first time and it was really good. Usually champagne is so expensive in the United States that we buy sparkling wine, which brings me to another point. Wine in Europe, not just France, is so much cheaper than the US. I don't think either of us have spent more than 3 euros on a bottle yet. Besides the champagne we read and watched some French tv. Oddly enough, High School the Musical was on, only dubbed in French. So to Ellen - beat that. I also considered wearing yellow underpants like they did in Peru for New Year's, but had trouble finding a decent pair.

Cheers, Andy

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