11 December 2008

Study week at Sarlat

Hello all,

I've been in Sarlat since Saturday night and I've been doing some studying while Amanda teaches. I've been kind of distracted by researching for my thesis proposal and looking for potential phd supervisors at Wisconsin-Madison. I'm looking at the actor-oriented approach for my thesis now. It integrates some of political economy and moral economy but looks beyond these approaches. The basic idea is that actors express their world through their practices. If their primary concern in subsistence (as moral economists would state) they will reduce risk as much as possible through communal contracts, low cost and low-risk agricultural practices (seed saving, diversification), etcetera; a peasant who is concerned with maximising profit will likely follow the opposite path using individual ownership and high-cost/high-risk practices (gmo seeds, monocropping). But as you can see, I'm spending more time on the thesis proposal and neglecting my studying.

I only have two exams this period, cross-disciplinary design and research methodologies. In each course we had a large group project, making the exam worth only about half of the grade. It's not as much material as I had last period so studying should be less time-consuming I think.

Amanda and I will be going to Carcassonne for a short time this weekend. I don't know a lot about the city but it's in the South of France and has a lot of history. From the pictures I've seen it's a picturesque city. We will return to Sarlat Sunday and I will leave for Wageningen Monday morning.

Looking back at the post, it seems quite uninteresting so thanks if you read it all through to the end!

Cheers, Andrew


  1. i skimmed the first part but read most of it. we'll miss you guys at christmas. hope your tests go well.

  2. I read it all as well. Do we get some sort of a cash prize for diligently reading your blog? We'll miss you guys at Christmas.

  3. Thanks guys, we'll miss you too.