29 December 2008

Roma - Day 2

Tuesday we started off early, but quite a bit later than Monday, for the Coloseum and the Roman Forum. We started at Palatine Hill, the posh district of ancient Roma, because of the much shorter line and saw Roman ruins stacked upon Roman ruins, it was overwhelming how much there was to see. Palatine Hill is the site of Augustus Ceasar's home which is still mostly standing. There is also a small museum of the discovery and excavation of the ruins. From Palatine Hill we visited the Roman Forum, the political centre of ancient Roma. Not much is left of the original Forum besides a few massive pillars, but one can clearly see how massive and beautiful the architecture was in it's time.

Across the street is the Coloseum, our tickets for Palatine Hill covered admission but we did pay an extra fee for a guided tour. The tour didn't amount to much, but the Coloseum was incredible to see from the inside. It has essentially been gutted over the many years for stone and wood, but the skeleton is enough to spark one's imagination. I found myself drawing comparisons with Macchu Pichu in Peru at the beginning of our tour of the ruins, but besides the materials used there is little real similarity.

From the Coloseum we walked to the Italian National Monument, a huge building built in the early 20th century to celebrate the unification of Italy. The musuem inside was interesting but we enjoyed the view from the top and the monuments outside of the building even more.

We finished our day by strolling through Villa Borghese, the former retreat for Roman emperors and the wealthy is now a sprawling park with ruins, museums, and much air to breath. We walked through the park and relaxed before heading back to our little, dirty hostel.



  1. It looks almost as beautiful as South Dakota, USA. We missed you at Christmas & hope you had a great time in Italy.

  2. We missed you too Jamie, we were actually reminded of South Dakota quite a bit, we saw a SD license plate for sale and we were snacking on Christmas suckers (thanks Grandma) and Dakota Style chips (thanks Mom and Dad)the whole time.