29 December 2008

Roma - Day 1

We've just returned to Sarlat after a week in Roma and we had a great time.

Our first day started at 3 am in Paris with an early flight. After we checked in to our hotel - Hostel Positano - we started walking through town. The hostel was quite cheap and we clearly got what we paid for. The rooms and especially the shared bathrooms weren't clean - floors were either sticky or wet and it had not been really washed for some time. For lunch we stopped at a little restaurant for speghetti carbonara and pizza and then set off for the historic centre. At the centre we walked through a few landmarks just to get a feel for the city and ended up in a neat little Christmas market at Piazza Navona where we spent a bit of time. We also found the Pantheon, it was formerly a temple to the Roman gods before its conversion to a basillica. It's one of our favorite buildings in Roma because of it's uniqueness. It is as tall as wide and has a 6 metre (or so) hole in the centre of the roof. Rafael is buried there as well. The highlight of the day was a Christmas concert that we stumbled upon at the Spanish steps. It began with a children's choir and was followed with several incredible opera performances. They sang mostly classic opera songs, but also sang Feliz Navidad which was really interesting. After the long day we returned to the hostel for a simple dinner of store bought sandwiches, a salad, parmesan and garlic Dakota Style chips (funny enough it says on the bag ' A taste of Italy'), and a little wine.

Piazza Nivona

The Pantheon

Thanks, Andy

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