15 December 2008

Pere Noel v. Sinterklaas


Saturday morning Amanda and I saw Pere Noel on his donkey with a monk in Carcassonne and I started thinking about it this morning. It would be a stretch of the imagination to think that it's a simple coincidence that Sinterklaas returns to Spain just a week before Pere Noel shows up in the Christmas Markets all over France. The question is, 'Are they possibly the same mythical person or are they simply avoiding eachother to avoid confusion and mass hysteria?' I don't have the answers but suspect that they are not the same person and are only avoiding eachother by sticking to their agreed upon territories. Of course, you all may be wondering, 'Where does Santa Claus fit in to all of this?,' well I believe that Santa is confined soley to the United States despite his claims of giving presents to all the children of the world. If he served the entire world two problems would arrise. First, he would be in direct conflict with several European figureheads such as Sinterklaas, Pere Noel, Father Christmas, etc. Second, he would be overwhelmed with the task of adjusting to regional ideas of presents. For instance, a child in the Democratic Republic of the Congo would much prefer peace and food than a toy train. Just some thoughts, maybe a good topic for my thesis.

Remember to read the post below, whoever correctly guesses the film receives a LARGE CASH PRIZE!

Thanks for reading, Andrew

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