05 November 2008

Shoe boxes, painting, and coffee

I just finished a uniquely Dutch excersise.  Our corridor had a meeting to discuss a few issues and boy did we discuss.  Starting at 1900 we talked for about half an hour about how to divide up simple tasks and how much time it takes to clean an oven compared with a refrigerator.  Then, after designating a representative to investigate what other corridors are doing, we quarelled over whether shoes need to be put in our rooms, left on the floor, or put in boxes.  This of course evolved into a discussion over whether or not we can keep coats in the corridor and if that means that the idea of shoe boxes on the wall is out of bounds.  But of course this would be impossible because if the shoes are in a box and not on the floor one guy will loose, and I directly quote, "20 seconds every morning."  Then we moved along to painting the kitchen, to buy coffee communally or individually, to buy a wii or a couch, etc.  We finally wrapped up 2 hours later. I had big plans on getting things done tonight, namely: fixing my bike, reading, writing, looking for internships, and so on.

Such is life, Andrew


  1. you should start a task force that meets to discuss what will take will be discussed at the next meeting. That might help.

  2. that sounds fine, maybe we should have a meeting to discuss doing that

  3. I am so confused by this entry. can we have a meeting to discuss what these meetings are going to accomplish.

  4. maybe we should appoint a representative (Pete would be my first choice after nailing the quiz earlier) to undertake a fact-finding mission on what other blogs have done in response to determining what will be discussed at meetings. then a meeting to discuss the meeting of course.
    I apologize for making this statement without consulting you all through a meeting.