15 November 2008

New Plans

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I should do after this year. As for now I've decided to apply to graduate school at -brace yourself- USD. Yes, please don't harrass my parents too much. I'm looking into the English program with a specialization in teaching English as a second language. Its about time I got a degree that was useful. I could also get a teaching certificate at the same time and then maybe my history and French degrees could be put to use. The program is a year long and the only potential problem I've found is that I don't have an undergraduate degree or minor in English, but that is not a strict requirement and students have been admitted into the program without it. I really enjoy teaching here in France. The kids are great and its a lot easier than I thought it would be, but at the same time teaching makes me a little nervous. I had my palm read recently and according to that I'm supposed to be a teacher. Your dominant hand supposedly shows how you portray yourself to others while your other hand is more of the emotional, innate you. It was very interesting and something I've never done before. My hands are very different. I only have a fate line on the right hand which means that I portray myself as knowing what I want to do in life but since I don't have a fate line on the left hand it means that I'm always questioning what I'm doing. Definitley true. There is something called the teachers square which if you have it is under the index finger. I have the square on both hands meaning that I have thought about becoming a teacher (non-dominant hand) and that I have the ability to be a teacher (dominant hand). I don't know if all this is necessarily true, but its interesting.

Thursday my school went to the cinema. There has been a film festival going on all week with a couple of famous French actors here in town (I have no clue who they are). The film made me realize how thick the accent of this region really is. There are days when I can absolutely not understand what people are saying to me and its definitely a little depressing because I've studied French for three years and I feel like I should know more. During the movie, however, I realized that I could understand just about everything they said. There were no subtitles and I think the film was dubbed because the lips didn't match the sound, but yet I could understand. One small victory for the week.

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