17 November 2008

I'm going on strike

That's right, this Thursday I'm going on strike. When I walked into the teacher's lounge not only did I find out that a bunch of my classes are cancelled this week but we're also going on strike. I'm not quite sure what I'm striking for (possibly because of the long, hard work hours) but I'm glad its Thursday not Friday when I only work in the morning. Its my first strike so far so I don't really know what happens, but I think they're fairly common since there is a board dedicated to them in the lounge. I was told that the strikes have become less frequent since Sarkozy took office because he changed a law and now teachers don't get paid while they're on strike. I, however, get paid because I'm a teaching assistant not a real teacher. So if all goes as it should I only have three more full weeks of school and then Christmas break and considering I haven't worked a full week yet I don't think thats very likely.


  1. They sure are working you hard, aren't they?

  2. Hey Amanda,
    Glad to see that you are in France. Hope you are enjoying your stay in the beautiful region of Sarlat. I might be able to see you there as I will be in Cahors in one month.
    BTY, teachers, as any other person who decides to go on stike, have never been paid while on strike,even before the Sarkozy era !
    Take care,

  3. I must have misunderstood. All I heard was Sarkozy, no more pay, only three strikes this year. I'm going to chalk that up to the accent. Yes, let me know when you'll be in Cahors!

    Dan,this is a very, very demanding job. :) Actually, to make it even worse they gave me all my lesson plans, so I don't even have to do that.