01 October 2008

What month is it?

Fair trade month!

Yes that's right, October is fair trade month and as many of you know, Amanda and I have a place in our hearts for fair trade. You should see Amanda when we talk about fair trade for hours, to see the peaceful look on her face one might think she's fallen asleep.
Fair trade can be described differently by many people, but essentially it's a trading relationship between producers and consumers based not soley on market values but on the notion that farmers should have access to human rights and fair prices for their products. Fair trade can come in many forms, most commonly as products certified by FLO or fair trade federation, but also as direct trading relationships, fair economic policies (lower farmer subsidies in US and EU, reduction of biofuel production from foodstuffs, reduction of dumping cheap goods on developing countries), and so on. The easiest and most reliable way to buy fair trade is to look for the FLO and FTF seals, fair trade goods are available nearly everywhere in the US and EU.
Fair trade labeling is not a perfect system but it is the best option we have available. For more information please consult the sites below.

Thank you for buying fair trade, Andrew

Max Havelaar
Cherrybean coffee
Fair trade federation
Transfair USA
Fair trade foundation

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