10 October 2008

Sarlat tomorrow

Hello all,
I've just finished the first period of courses here at Wageningen and am trying to let it all sink into my mind. Tomorrow I'll take a train to Sarlat through Rotterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Bordeaux to stay with Amanda for a little less than a week. I'm sitting here after a relatively traumatic two days which began when my engagement ring went missing around 22:30 Wednesday night while I was in the shower. I went to bed after my shower and didn't notice the ring to be gone until Thursday morning when I proceded to tear my recently cleaned room apart. I found gobs of dust/hair, underwear and socks in the furnace, a cup, but no ring so I began to worry. I went to class at 10:30 and resumed my search with a full stomach and fresh eyes after lunch; without success. I then spent the rest of the day thinking what I would tell Amanda and balancing between thinking who would steal my ring and thinking that they would steal my wallet or passport before a ring so I must have lost it. The next morning I got up late and talked to a person living on my corridor who said she had found the ring on her floor and I had it back. But now, how is this possible you may ask? Well, let's put our Sherlock Holmes hat on and think about it. Wednesday night she had had people from her study association over and I had heard them yelling and running about while I was in the shower. I presume that while I was in the shower one of the tricksters dashed into my room and cunningly made off to hers with my ring. They then left the ring there assuming she would find it and that it wouldn't fall beneath a couch or into the garbage. Stupid Dutch. This follows my experience in Amsterdam when someone stole my (Amanda's) camera and I'm quickly loosing faith in the morals of the Dutch.

Otherwise, my last week has gone fine. I even got pictures back from my supervisor in Ghana and will post them below. The pictures brought back a lot of really nice memories.
Thanks for reading, Andrew of Andrew and Amanda in Europe


  1. At least you didn't lose your ring 1 month after you were married while stuffing your face at a Joe's Crab Shack. I was about 10 seconds away from Heather forcing me head first into the dumpster when I was saved by an angel from heaven disquised as a 5' 2" dishwasher from Honduras. I don't know the man's name, but I will forever be in his debt.

  2. That's a beautiful story James, thank God for Honduran dishwashers.