05 October 2008

My first post - A Little Late

So i have officially been in France for one week and two days. I have been incredibly busy and without internet until yesterday so its about time I let you know what I've been doing. I arrived in Paris on Sept 29 and I think Andrew has done an adequate job filling you in on our activities there. However, contrary to he stated, our arrival in Sarlat was not as smooth as we expected. The day before we were to leave I got an email from my contact person in Perigueux stating he wanted me to meet him in Perigeuex instead of Sarlat. So I had to buy another train ticket, which was really the least of my problems considering that now mom and grandma had to make there way to the other side of France on a different train with no French language skills other than parlez vous anglais and merci. So at four thirty I boarded my train taking along two enormous suitcases which a nice man squeezed into the luggage rack for me and I was off. Four hours later I arrived at Perigueux, ate dinner with my contact person at his house with his wife which was somewhat strange considering it was 10pm and I had never met them before and he is technically my boss, and then we were off to Sarlat. We arrived at my pre-arranged apartment at 12pm after trying to search for my mother hotel to make sure they arrived intact. After that I fell asleep only to be awoken at seven by my 77 year old land lady inviting me up for coffee. At the same time a man appeared to start working on something in the garage so he had coffee with us as well. After about half an hour of mumbling horrid French I left to find the Lanterne B&B. Suprisingly it only took me about 30 minutes to find. Inside was my grandma enjoying a cup off coffee in front of the fireplace talking to one of the owners. Apparently their arrival wasn't as effortless as mine. Everything started out ok and they got on the correct train in Paris and got off at the right station to get on the bus to Sarlat except there was no bus. Luckily there was another couple on their way to Sarlat who had arranged for somebody to pick them up. My mom and grandma must have been a sight because these people decided they trusted them to get into their car, and only one of them spoke a little English. So grandma and mom piled into a little French hatchback with three suitcases and three strangers. Other than that adventure everything has gone smoothly. I have a bank account, a cell phone, and most importantly internet. I am having some trouble with skype though I don't know if its my internet connection or what.
Today I took mom and grandma to the Bordeaux train station to head off to Paris so its been kind of a rough day of good-byes. They fly out tomorrow and will be home tomorrow afternoon. Tommorow I head off to Perigueux for orientation which will take most of the week.
-- Amanda

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  1. Considering the current month, was your grandma drinking fair trade coffee when you first saw her?