19 October 2008

L'amour fou

I just got back to Wageningen and it's been quite long day. I started walking to the train station at 6:50 after I woke up at 6:45 where I left on the bus to Bergerac which took 80 minutes. I then took a train to Bordeaux (115 minutes), then a train to Paris Montparnasse (200 m), the metro to Paris Nord (20 m), and a train from Paris Nord to Brussels (80 m). From Brussels I took the train to Rotterdam (135 m), then another to Uttrecht (45 m), another to Ede (25 m), and finally a bus to Wageningen (15 m) when I finally arrived at 22:20.
Not much to talk about during the journey; I just read a little and slept a lot. One thing I did notice was a sign in the Paris metro said that chewing gum is a born romantic that holds tight to anything it touches, although sadly its love is unrequited. The solution to this is to put gum in the garbage where it can love the other gum and make beautifully colorful trash. So French, eh?
The last week in Sarlat was really nice. Amanda already wrote most of what happened so I won't go into much detail again, but I really enjoyed the medieval buildings and the huge market. After living in a kind of dramatic and suprising world (sudden massive internet fees, insane landladies, moving apartments, converting 300ml of water to 1 and 1/5 beer bottles of water, waking up 5 minutes before leaving on a 15 hour trip, etc.) I'm going to try to relax a little tomorrow before my first exam Tuesday.
Thank you for reading, Andrew

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