25 October 2008

Hello all. I've finally moved into my new apartment but I'm still staying with Kim simply because its convienent and nice to have somebody to talk to. I'm also using her for her DVD collection and cooking but thats beside the point. I finally got her wireless internet working and it only took her seven months of trying. Its just absolutely amazing how complicated they make the simpliest things here. For example, when I went to open my bank account I had to first set up an appointment because there is only one banker and teller who work at the same time. So instead of walking into the bank and setting up an account which would have probably taken 15 minutes back home, it took me three days! I also have to pay 3 euros a month for the bank to hold my money as well as 30 euros for a debit card. Also, I needed to go to Perigueux to apply for my residency card last week. It takes all day to get to Perigueux although its only an hour away by car so I could only go Wednesday since I don't work at all that day. So I get on the train at 7:10 am only to switch trains at Le Buisson when I get a phone call from another assistant who had already arrived in Perigueux telling me that Wednesday is the only day they do not accept applications for residency cards!! Its only in France that people decide that Wednesday is not a working day. Also everything is closed from 12-2pm for lunch even though they don't open until 9am and they close by 6pm so I really have to plan out my day in order to get anything accomplished.

My classes are going well for the most part. I do have one class that is terrible and all the children are constantly talking and dragging their chairs on the ground and playing with their sissors or glue. There are a couple of other children that are difficult as well but its not too bad. We talked about Halloween this week and I brought candy corn and pumpkins which they enjoyed. We are now on vacation until the fifth of November for Toussaint (All Saints Day) so I'll leave for the Netherlands on Tuesday. I haven't bought my return ticket yet so I'm hoping its not too expensive. Monday I'm going to try to go to Perigueux agian to sort out my residency card.

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