12 October 2008

Chez Moi -For 2 More Weeks

Mom and grandma looking out of the door of their bed & breakfast.

I have just returned from a week in Perigueux, the capital of the Dordogne region, where I had my orientation. It was a very long week of sitting, listening, and playing children's games. I learned that I am required to teach British English so I will be saying things such as "have you got" and other crazy British phrases. I also met the high school assistant in Sarlat. I didn't know there was another assistant so its nice to know there is somebody else here with me. The only problem is she lives by the high school which is essentially out of town a little ways. Monday night I was dropped off with at a French family's home and stayed with them in Perigueux. They were extremely nice but I think I'm done staying with random families for a while. Thursday night I stayed with Emilie another English assistant who is actually French and we watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in French which was interesting.

Last Sunday I took mom and grandma to Bordeaux to catch a train to Paris. Everything went smoothly until their plane started to breakdown an hour and a half over the ocean. So they returned to Paris and were met by firetrucks and ambulances who were expecting a crash landing. After four hours of waiting, they boarded the same plane and took off once again. They arrived in Philadelphia and had to spend the night so their arrival home was delayed by a day.

Now on to my housing situation which I think is finally coming together. I have been living in the apartment that was found for my by my boss, which is essentially the basement of a house. Its very nice and the lady that lives upstairs is very nice. The problem is she doesn't want to give me a contract and she told my boss that rent was one price and me another so I"m a little suspicious. On the 24th of October I will be moving across town to another apartment that is very nice. Its actually very easy to find accommodation here because there are lots of furnished apartments that people rent out to tourists during the summer months. So with that whole mess taken care of I feel a little bit better. Below are some pictures of Sarlat and my current apartment. Monday I start teaching and Friday I'm off to Bordeaux to start the process of applying for a residency card.
My key which is probably a good hundred years old.

Mom and I outside my apartment.
A view into my kitchen.

My table which looks festive thanks to the table cloth grandma bought me.

The street I live on rue Jean Jaures.

The Perigord region is famous for foie gras (duck liver from ducks that are forced feed), walnuts, and special mushrooms (not that kind) called truffles which are super expensive.

The old church is from around the 16th century.

In the medieval city. Sarlat has the most medieval facades in Europe.


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