30 September 2008

... and now back to studying

Hello all,
I'm back from Paris and Amanda made it to Europe all right. After class Friday I took a bus to Ede, then the train through Rotterdam and Brussels to Paris. I arrived late, after Mary Jane, Michelle, and Amanda had spent the day walking through the city of love. Saturday morning after an angry Frenchman yelled at Amanda and I, we left to see La Louvre. The museum was formerly the palace of King Louis XIV's queen and later Napoleon III and is now home to many of the world's most beautiful and historic pieces of art. I think we could have spent two or three days just walking through the enormous halls but only had time for a few hours. Afterwards we walked past the Egyptian obelisk towards the Arc de Triumph. Then we walked to the Siene to take a boat ride and see most of the most famous Parisien sites (Tour d'Eiffel, Notre Dame, a topless woman, Musee d'Orsee, etc.). We then continued on to the Tour d'Eiffel and then to Amanda's favorite French restaraunt.
Sunday morning we went to Versailles, the palace of Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI, and, after the Revolution, Napoleon. It was a beautiful palace but we arrived late and had to put up with too many pushy tourists. The director of the Palace recently and contreversially opened up an art exhibition by an American artist for the first time ever. His sculptures are kind of silly (Michael Jackson with monkey, 8 foot tall balloon dog, and a chain-link fence with floaties are some examples). Outside the palace we toured the garden and orangery before heading back to Paris.
Monday we spent most of the day bringing the luggage to the train station. We all left on seperate trains but everyone found their destinations sans incedent. We did have time to visit a garden near the train station where we saw Dad, no kidding see the picture below. Amanda also learned that afternoon that her supervisor had found her a nice home and she says it's very nice. So now I'm back from warm, sunny Paris looking out at a cold, rainy Wageningen.
I uploaded more pictures to Picasaweb so check out more pictures there, see the link on the right.
Today in class we talked about the influence of the internet on communication in COM and the definitition of livelihoods in RDS. Livelihood is the means of an individual to making a living. We are learning how to research livelihoods as a transition away from looking at strictly market transactions. Context (geographic and temporal setting, culture, status) and resources (not only financial capital but human, social, and natural capital ) are parts of livelihoods. It's actually quite interesting stuff for me but I'm feeling to lazy to describe it well.
Thanks for reading, Andrew

Three generations of travelers

English translation: People often say that I'm perfect, I've found the same to be true.Yes, Amanda will be quite at home here.
Hi Dad! I mean, bonjour Dad! Wait, you can't be Dad, this is France.

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