11 August 2008


Welcome to our blog. We will try to keep updated on our adventures in Europe. Hopefully, if we figure this out we'll post all of our pictures and short videos as well. Check back soon!


  1. I don't like either of you. Just kidding. I'll miss you little brother.

  2. Hey Andrew and Amanda,

    Thanks for reading my blog and for letting me know about the "follower" function on blogger. May I know how you found out about cambodiacalling? Ps. If you are on facebook, look me and the bloom bags group up--we have more than 200 members now and I update people on how our little social enterprise in cambodia is doing.

    Cheers from sunny Siem Reap,

  3. Hey Diana, I didn't see that you commented here for two months! I think I found your blog through expat but don't remember for sure. Anyways, thanks for visiting and I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Cheers, Andrew