15 August 2008

Safe and sound in Wageningen

Hello all,
I've just checked in at my apartment and am happy to have a long day nearing its end. I left Sioux Falls at 10:30 yesterday morning and arrived in Amsterdam at 8:30 this morning with the 6 hour time change. My flights went well although at Philadelphia we boarded a sort of moving gate that drove us to the plane. When I arrived in Amsterdam I boarded a train for Uttrecht were I alighted and boarded another bound for Ede-Wageningen, from Ede I took a bus to Wageningen. This afternoon some students gave us an introduction to the university and went over the paper work that I will have to fill out (bank account, residence permit, apartment lease, registration, etc). Now I'm just settling in for awhile before I venture out to buy a bike and some groceries. My apartment has shared bathrooms and kitchen but is otherwise quite nice. It's bigger than I had expected and I have a balcony.
Tot ziens, Andrew


  1. When do you get your wooden shoes?

  2. What do you mean? Are there shoes now that aren't made of wood?