28 August 2008

My beautiful Dutch bicycle

I have grown to have a strong relationship with old Dutch bicycle since arriving in Wageningen. I ride it absolutely everywhere that I go and probably spend around 30-60 minutes riding it per day. It looks like it belongs in a museum, the light doesn't work, and the back tire makes a funny sound, but I still really like it. Yesterday I noticed that the tire was flat and I was heartbroken, I was handicapped by my own slow feet. Walking it back I felt like a cripple. Thankfully I was able to pump it up this morning and it is fine so far. Of course I could have bought a new tire if I had to.

Moving on, this week I have been preparing for the opening of the year next Monday. Former UN secretary general, Kofi Annan will be speaking at an opening ceremony so I've registered for that, I also have a meeting scheduled with a profesor to discuss thesis and internship options for next year. I've also registered for a conference in Amsterdam at the end of September about farmers adding value to their produce and capturing greater profit. I'm all registered for classes and I have most of my documents in order so just waiting until Monday to get a little busier.

Tonight I will be eating lasagna with my corridor mates so I''m very excited to eat something other than rice.

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