17 August 2008

Jet lag


Well I accomplished quite a bit yesterday considering when I woke up. Going back to Friday, I fell asleep the second that I checked into my apartment and woke up at 8:00 AM Saturday morning. I got up, showered, and prepared for my first full day in Wageningen, first I went to the library to write some emails. When I arrived I noticed that the computers said August 15 still, strange. After emails I went upstairs to do some paperwork and as I was going up the escalator I noticed it was getting quite dark out, very strange. It must be a storm?
After about 5 minutes of deep thought I realized that it was in fact still Friday so I finished some paperwork and headed home. Great start Andrew.

Yesterday I woke up thinking it must be 8 or so and quite suprised to see it was already 2 in the afternoon, I don't remember the last time I slept past 10. This in a country where everything closes by 5. I quickly dressed and set out for town. I managed to buy a very Dutch looking bike and a new phone chip before everything closed.

Today I woke up at a reasonable time and am planning on attending AID, a week of introduction to the university and town for new students. Tomorrow I should be able to get most of my paperwork in when the banks and university are all open. Until then, wish me luck on keeping my days straight and waking up before noon.

Tot ziens, Andrew


  1. Andy, haven't the Dutch heard of the invention called an alarm clock?

  2. Stupid Steve took my comment