26 August 2008


Goede morgen!
Monday I met with my study advisor and fellow management of agro-ecological knowledge and social change (MAKS) students. About half of the students are from Germany or Netherlands, the others are from Honduras, Canada, Ethiopia, Portugal, Kenya, and England plus some who haven't arrived in Wageningen yet. Our first year will be divided into five periods in which we take around 12 credits or 3-4 courses. We have compulsary courses in all periods but also have some free choice courses to choose from. During the first period all students take an introductory course in each of the MAKS specializations; Technology and Agrarian Development (TAD), Communication and Innovation Studies ( CIS), and Rural Development Sociology (RDS). After the first period we choose a specialization, I will likely choose TAD but will wait and see how each of the courses fit in with my interests.
After the first year ending in early July we each do an internship of 2-4 months and a major thesis taking around 6 months. I'm very much looking forward to beginning classes on the first not only to begin the masters' program but also simply to have something to fill up my days here. Until then I will be researching some internships and thesis topics and hopefully meeting with a member of the TAD faculty.
The following is a link to the MAKS website for any more information, if it is in Dutch click on the Brittish flag in the upper-right corner. http://www.mak.wur.nl/UK/Program/
Tot zeins, Andrew

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