21 August 2008

AID and photos

I've been very busy for the last few days with Annual Introduction Days. It's a week of introduction for new students at Wageningen. I missed the first day because I slept nearly all day but Sunday we played sports at the sports center. We played tug-of-war, flag rugby, field hockey and a few uniquely Dutch games. Monday we listened to a lecture about interculturalism and discussed our cultures then went to a concert. Tuesday we started later and went to an organization's house where we relaxed for the afternoon. That night we went to a few of the different student organizations in Wageningen. On the last day we went to an information fair at the arboretum. They have a sustainable development NGO looking for volunteers, a local group that promotes fair trade and community supported agriculture, and an Amnesty International chapter. I hope I can help out with a few of these during my free time.
Not much has happened besides the AID, I've registered as a student here and opened a bank account. I will try to speak with my study advisor tomorrow about my plans and all the MAKS students will meet next Monday. I'm really looking forward to meeting all of them.
Below I have a few pictures from around Wageningen...

This is the Forum. It's the central building for the main campus, inside is central student administration, the main library, the language center, many offices and classrooms, and plenty of room to study or relax.

and the next few are other buildings on campus...

and a few of the city of Wageningen....

and finally some of my apartment and my bike.

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